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                  Laizhou hongyu plastic products co. LTD

                  Laizhou city wu yu plastic products co., LTD. Is a major manufacturer of recycled plastic plate, is located in yantai, weifang, Qingdao three of laizhou bay, the city at the junction, is located in the "northern China's largest recycled plastic base" laizhou city east. Here in north illestate port, the south relies on Qingdao, the east to connect yantai, the west to weifang, the geographical location is superior, the traffic is developed, greatly convenient the business dealings with the customers everywhere! The company mainly produces plastic sheet, PP. PE and other plastic plates, suitable for automotive engine protection, car interior, car, etc. Strong, wear resistant, waterproof, corrosion resistant, thermal insulation, insulation and other characteristics. And the plastic sheet has the weight light cost low, easy to process, can recover the good characteristic. Welcome to the customer call consultation, we will be enthusiastic for your service.

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